Feminist theory and Modern Drama: An Anthology of Recent Criticism

Edited by  Taisha Abraham

This anthology is a challenging collection of essays written by well-known feminist scholars who build on history, stage practice and theory to address a wide range of topics that cover theatre spectatorship, performance and pedagogy from a feminist perspective. Written for readers with little knowledge of the subject, the collection provides not only a history of feminist drama but also a comprehensive introduction to the modes of critical practices based on feminist thinking. Using French feminist theories, postmodern, post-colonial perspectives and psychoanalytic approaches, these essays explore the relationships between female subjectivity, class and sexuality in the theatrical field.

Feminist re-readings of male canonical playwright such as Beckett, Brecht, Eliot, Ibsen, Miller, O’Neill and Shaw are provided along with a section on women playwrights. Of special interest in the book is its sustained interrogation of theatrical representational systems which oppress and marginalize women. Taking into account the strategies used by women dramatists to claim a space for women on stage the anthology further discusses the politics of theatrical reception and production keeping especially the gender issue in mind.

Taisha Abraham teaches English at Jesus and Mary College in the University of Delhi, India. She got her doctoral degree on Modern Women Dramatists from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Abraham has been involved with women’s studies and social activism for over two decades. She is the co-author of the book Female Empowerment and is on the editorial committees of journals that advocate women’s studies. Abraham has lectured widely on the subject of women both in India and abroad. She has been running an interdisciplinary Critical Theory Workshop for the faculty of her college since 1990. Teachers from several Delhi University colleges are also members of this workshop now.
Conributors : Kamal Bhasin, Shari Benstock, Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, Gloria Cahill, Elin diamond, Jill Dolan, J. Ellen Gainor, Katherine Hanson, Naresh K. Jain, Zakia Pathak, Janelle Reinelt, Taisha Abraham.
ISBN 81-85753-21-0           2011          232 pp           Rs.500 (hb)