JSL is the journal of the school of Language, Literature and Culture Studies,

Jawaharlal Nehru University. JSL is proud to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of all issues related to language, literature, and other aspects of culture. It is published twice a year.

Editor : GJV Prasad

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Notes for Contributors

JSL, as a rule, publishes only original and unpublished texts. However, JSL will consider for publication translations of literary and pertinent critical texts provided the translator has acquired permission from the copyright holders of the original text.

All contributions must be submitted to the Editor, JSL, Centre of Linguistics and English, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067, India. Email : givprasad@mail.jnu.ac.in

Contributions must be typed double spaced. A hard copy and a floppy (or email attachment) in MS word must be sent to the Editor.

Every contribution must have the following information below the title: the name(s) of the author(s),and the affilitation of the author(s).


(i) Please avoid hyphenating words at end of line.
(ii) Please use italics for titles of books.

Textual references in the body of the article should give the author's surname, the year of publication of the referred to work, and the page numbers. Ex: Naik (1982:14).


Please use end notes, numbered serially, double spaced. All reference numbers within the article should be in superscript (raised number). Reserve notes for Substantial comments as far as possible, not for bibliographical information.


The list of works cited should be double spaced, beginning on a separate page, headed REFERENCES. Works are to be listed alphabetically by the author's surname and arranged chronologically when two or more works by he same author are referred to. Works published in the same year by the author must be distinguished by the use of lower case letters (ex:2000a, 2000b, etc).


Entries for books should include the following information in this order: author's surname, first name / or initials, co-author's first name/or initials and surname, year of publication (in parenthesis), the title (in italics), the place of publication and the publisher. Ex:Mukherjee, Meenakshi (2000), The Perishable Empire: Essays on Indian Writing in English, New Delhi,OUP.


Entries for chapters from books should give the name of the author in the usual format followed by the year of publication, this followed by the title of the chapter in single inverted commas, followed by the information about the book. Ex: Mohapatra, Himanshu(1996), 'Riches of India: Reading Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy', in Viney Kirpal(ed) Postmodern Indian English Novel: Interrogating the 1980s and 1990s, New Delhi: Allied.