Perspectives in the 21st Century

Edited by Ranu Uniyal, Nazneen Khan, Raj Gaurav Verma


This book explores the relevance of M.K. Gandhi in the present times. Justice, human rights, conflict, and peace building, along with his alternative method of non-violent resistance or Satyagraha are focal to it. The essays in this volume focus on his inner strength, brotherhood, and self-discipline. His persona becomes a site for discourse in the post-colonial era. Ideas on food, dress and living are included in this study and also his impact on world literature. His philosophical ideals and spiritual experiences refl ect his views on truth, identity, and nationhood. This book covers the impact of Gandhian thoughts on late-capitalism, neo- colonialism and post-truth. It opens debates on many signifi cant issues troubling mankind. It will be of interest to scholars of postcolonial literature, gender and cultural studies.

Ranu Uniyal is Professor of English at Lucknow University. She is currently Head, Department of English and Modern European Languages. She was awarded Commonwealth Scholarship for Ph.D. in English from Hull University, U. K. Her main research interests are in Indian literature, Women's writing, Postcolonial literature and Disability Studies. She is the author of Women and Landscape: The Fiction of Margaret Drabble and Anita Desai; Poems: Across the Divide; Raja Rao's Kanthapura: A Critical Study(co-edited); Women in Indian Writing: From Difference to Diversity; December Poems; Poems: The Day We Went Strawberry Picking In Scarborough. She is also one of the founding members of PYSSUM (www. a charitable organization for children with special needs in Lucknow.

Nazneen Khan is a Professor at the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow, Lucknow (UP). She has coedited two books, Contemporary Indian Women Writers and Post 1980 Indian English Fiction. Her areas of interest include African and Caribbean Literature, New Literatures in English and Indian Literature in English Translation.

Raj Gaurav Verma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow. He has published two books, Diasporic Writings: Narratives across Space and Time and Indian Women Writings: Introduction to Select Texts.


:Alok Kumar, Amrita Sharma, Bhikhu Parekh, Fatima Sahrish, Hardeepsinh Ranjitsinh Gohil, John Thieme, Meenakshi Vijay, Nazneen Khan, Neelum Saran Gour, Neena Gupta Vij, Papia Sengupta, Pritish Acharya, Raj Gaurav Verma, Ranu Uniyal, Roopa Vijay, Suchitra Awasthi, Vishakha Sen
ISBN: 978-93-82178-36-1     2022       200 pages        Rs. 800 (hb)