Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children: A Book of Readings
Edited by  Meenakshi Mukherjee

This volume brings together ten essays on Midnight’s Children (1980) and an interview with Salman rushdie that discuss this seminal novel from different perspectives. Rushdie’s innovative use of history and memory, his experiments with language and narrative mode, the novel’s status as the paradigmatic post-colonial text, its inter-textuality and self-reflexivity, the influences on the novel as well as its influence on subsequent novels, the author’s relationship with India as an insider-outsider are some of the many issues explored by the critics.

Meenakshi Mukherjee a widely acclaimed scholar-critic in the discipline of Indian English Literature, is the author of The Twice Born Fiction: Themes and Techniques of the Novel in English (1971), Realism and Reality: Novel and Society in India (1985), Re-reading Jane Austen (1991) and The Perishable Empire (2000). Among volume edited by her are Considerations: Twelve Studies of Indian Writing in English (1977), and Rajmohan’s Wife (1994). She co-edited Narrative: Forms and Transformations (1986), Another India (1990) and Interrogating Postcolonialism (1996). Professor Mukherjee taught in several universities in India and abroad, the largest spell being at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi as Professor of English. She passed away in the year 2009.

Contributors : Neil Ten Kortenaar, Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Harish Trivedi, Nancy E.Batty, Robert Alter, Patricia Merivale, Richard Cronin, Mujeebuddin Syed, Nalini Natarajan, Josna E. Rege and T.Vijay Kumar.

ISBN 81-85753-28-8            2010           232 pp           Rs.600 (hb)
Despite the profuseness of the Rushdie industry, this is one of the best collections of critical writing on what remains his finest novel and the essays by Neil Ten Kortenaar, Harish Trivedi and Mujeebuddin Syed (originally published in JCL) are particularly good.
Journal of Commonwealth Literature, U.K.