Nissim Ezekiel: A Critical Companion
Edited by G.S. Balarama Gupta

The essays in this volume revaluate the craft and concerns of Nissim Ezekiel, not only (although largely) as reflected in his poetry but also in his prose, plays and criticism. In the main they critique the features of modernity and urbanity, of balance and order, and of emotional restraint and search for identity in his oeuvre. As for the debate on Ezekiel’s involvement with and alienation from India and things Indian, the essays largely reaffirm that he was essentially ‘an Indian poet writing in English’, with ‘a strong sense of belonging’ to India. The concluding essay, chosen from the large corpus of Ezekiel’s prose writing, spells out the author’s refreshing insights into the distinctness of literary writing. It is sincerely hoped that this critical study shall be a useful and valuable tool to examine these and other major features of the works of Nissim Ezekiel.

Currently Visiting Professor and Co-ordinator, Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga, G.S. Balarama Gupta retired as Professor of English, Gulbarga University, a little over a decade ago. He is the Founder-Editor of the Journal of Indian Writing in English and Director of NIRIEL (National Institute for Research in Indian English Literature). Professor Gupta’s publications include Mulk Raj Anand (1974), Essays on Indian Writing in English (1975), and Studies in Indian Fiction in English (1987). In addition, his critical essays have appeared in The Literary Criterion, The Modern Review, Littcrit, Indian Scholar and Scholar Critic, among others.
Contributors : G.S Balarama Gupta, D.Ramakrishna, Ananya Sankar Guha, P.M.Chacko, M.K.Naik, GJV Prasad, Zerin Anklesaria, G.Damodar, A.N Dwivedi, V.M.Madge Charu Bhagwat, B.N.Prasad, Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan, N.Prabhaker Acharya, Havovi Anklesaria, Santan Rodrigues, Toni Patel, N.D.Dani and Nissim Ezekiel.
ISBN 978-81-909416-2-4           2010           200 pp           Rs. 500 (hb)