Margaret Atwood
Critical Perspectives
Edited by Somdatta Mandal


Margaret Atwood is arguably Canada's most eminent novelist and poet who also writes excellent short stories, critical studies, screen-plays, radio scripts, and books for children. The wide variety of genres she writes in matches the equally wide range of her interests: she wears several hats including those of a cultural critic, public intellectual, human rights spokeswoman, environmentalist, and social and political satirist.
The fifteen essays in this volume, contributed by contemporary scholars from India, Canada and the United States, revaluate the work of this multifaceted writer. They offer discerning studies of several of the relatively more significant specimen of different genres of her work, and interrogate the features that tend to lend evocative richness and complexity to her creative oeuvre. Concluding with a complete bibliography of Atwood's published work, the volume makes for a fresh and exciting reading of this (probably ?) most widely read and translated Canadian writer.

Somdatta Mandal is Professor of English at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. Her areas of interest are contemporary fiction, film and culture studies, Diaspora studies and translation. A recipient of several prestigious awards and fellowships, she has been published widely both nationally and internationally. She has written three academic books and edited and co-edited fifteen books and journals.


Albert Braz, Coomi S. Vevaina, Debarati Bandyopadhyay, Kamala Gopalan, Lindsay Steuber, Murari Prasad, Nora Foster Stovel, R. Subhasshri, Raja Sekhar Patteti, V. Sangeetha, Shoshannah Ganz , Somdatta Mandal ,Sudev Pratim Basu ,Tessa Mellas ,Utpala G. Sewa
ISBN 978-93-82178-06-04          2014         232 pages      Rs. 700 (hb)