Critical Perspectives
Edited by Nizara Hazarika, K .M. Johnson and Gunjana Dey.


This book presents the recent trends in contemporary women's writing in English. It throws light on the contemporary Indian women novelists who articulate the various experiential realities of Indian women in diverse circumstances. The creative world that these novelists portray tells a lot about the changes that have come in the women over the ages. From mere articulation to raising a voice and thus to finally disrupting the normative codes, women writers have tried their hands in embracing an overall view of women’s life and experiences. The articles present in this volume represent how women’s writing has emerged as a distinctive genre and how it forms a new kind of female identity. These essays explore the dialectics of void and fullness and the multiplicity of voices and deep silences which mark the ambiguity and complexity of the lives of women. The present anthology is thus an exploration and validation of such ontological positions.

Nizara Hazarika is an Associate Professor of English at Sonapur College, Assam. She has a PhD in ‘Colonial Assam and Women’s Writing’. She is involved in Teachers Training for Higher Secondary Teachers of Assam. She is a member of the Syllabus Expert Committee of Higher Secondary Courses in Assam. She has presented her Research Paper both in India and Abroad. She has published widely in books and journals. Her paper “Decolonization of Knowledge and Emergence of the New Humanities” has been accepted by Routledge for its forthcoming anthology Transcending Disciplinary Decadence.

K.M. Johnson is Associate Professor in the Post Graduate Department of English at Sacred Heart College, Cochin, Kerala. He has published widely on National and International Journals including Routledge editions. Currently he is doing a project on the topic “From Humanism to Posthumanism: The Shifting Contours of an Epistemic Shift”.

Gunjana Dey is a Gold Medalist from Tezpur University. She has the experience of working as an editor in reputed publishing houses like Rupa and Company and Penguin before she decided to come back to the academics. She is pursuing her PhD on the short fictions of Alice Munroe. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English in Guwahati College, Assam.


Archana Bhattacharjee, Bini Saji, Chandana John, Gunjuna Dey, Jasbir Jain, Jonali Chowdhury Bora, Nishat Haider, Nizara Hazarika, Pamela Sarmah, Payal Jain, Prabhavati Yernani, Priya K. Nair, Shivani Jha, Stuti Goswami, Sudipta Phukan, Zinia Mitra
ISBN 978-93-82178-12-5          2015          232 pages      Rs. 700 (hb)