Modern European Drama: Ibsen to Beckett
Edited by Swati Pal

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Placing texts within contexts, this book critically grapples with the multidimensionality of the trajectory which is labeled ‘Modern European Drama’. Why do we call it Modern? Do the playwrights and their plays have a common connect with the socio political and cultural events and movements of their times? Do they have similar artistic and /or ideological visions? Or are there radical departures from each other and from earlier dramatic writing? What kind of audiences did they cater to and did they intend to have a particular impact upon their viewers? What devices did they use in order to do so? What are the theoretical underpinnings of Modern European drama?

Indeed, these questions are only the tip of the iceberg as the dozen essays in this extremely reader friendly book cover a far greater terrain.

Swati Pal teaches in the Department of English, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi. A Charles Wallace and John McGrath Theatre Studies Scholar, she has a long standing interest in theatre and performance studies. Her books include ‘Look Back At Anger: Agit Prop theatre in Britain’(VDM Verlag, 2008) and also a co-authored book on Creative Writing (Pearson-Longman, 2008). She has published a number of essays, articles and reviews and lectured widely on theatre and performance.

Anshuman Singh, Marvin Carlson, Sanam Khanna, Una Chaudhuri, Arjun Ghosh, Sanjay kumar, B. Mangalam, Payal Nagpal, Sachin N, Nita N. Kumar, Angelie Multani, GJV Prasad, Swati Pal
ISBN-978-81-909416-9-3           2012        228 pp           Rs.700 (hb)