Humanities and Pedagogy: Teaching of Humanities Today

Edited by Kailash C. Baral

In the wake of competing knowledge systems and paradigm shifts in their pedagogy, the essays in this volume variously address the problems afflicting the teaching of Humanities today. The contributors examine the philosophical foundations of the Humanities both Indian and Western, explore their various pedagogical possibilities, and offer innovative and insightful suggestions. Focussed on the changing/challenging pedagogical situation today this study is the first of its kind to scrutinize the issues and formulate the methods for a purposeful humanistic teaching in India.

K.C. Baral (b.1954) is at present Director of the English and Foreign Languages University, North East Campus, Shillong. Prior to his present position, he was Professor of English at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. His publications include a volume titled Freudís Theory of Art and Literature (1995) published by Sterling Publishers, New Delhi and research articles in national and international journals.
Conributors : M.M. Agrawal, A.V. Ashok, K.C. Baral, Y.C. Bhatnagar, Prasenjit Biswas, Glenn Bowman, J.P. Dimri,Louis W. Hodges, Nigel Joseph, Kapil Kapoor, J.C. Mahanti, S. Nagarajan, R.C. Pradhan, Mohan Ramanan, D. Venkat Rao, Bernard Sharratt.

ISBN 81-85753-49-0           2002           159 pp           Rs.100 (hb)
One of the seminal works scrutinizing the significant issues relating to pedagogical possibilities in the teach-ing of humanities, including the teaching of English.
Summerhill, IIAS Review