Translation and Multilingualism: Post-Colonial Contexts

Edited by Shantha Ramakrishna

This volume of critical essays focuses on a variety of translation theories and practices, their strengths and limitations, their overlaps and differences in relation to multilingual post-colonial societies. Systematically divided into four interrelated sections, it critiques the specific nature and function of this problematic, and contextualizes its potential for the perpetuation of existing power structures and hierarchies. The major areas of discussion in this study include extensive evaluations of multilingualism, colonialism and translation, language dominance and its impact on minority languages, organic and structural pluralism, impact of language policy and planning on translation, cultural politics and translation, translation as assimilation/ appropriation and subversion, and translation of technical texts from Sanskrit. At once lucid and engaging, the book highlights the significance of “translation activity as policy, as prioritization, as empowerment, as enrichment and as culture learning within post-colonial contexts,” and stresses the unmistakable need to redefine and relocate its theory and practice all over again.

Shantha Ramakrishna is Professor of French and former Chairperson of the Centre of French Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A Shastri Indo-Canadian Faculty Enrichment Fellow, she has a Ph.D. in didactics of Translation. Areas of her special interest include History and Theory of Translation and Functional French. President of the Indian Association of Teachers of French (North Zone), she is the co-author of Functional French for Scientists and Technologists (2 vols, 1984 & 1986) and co-editor of Le Mahatma Gandhi: 125 annees (New Age International Pvt. Ltd & ICCR, 1995). She is also the Editor of ICCR’s quarterly journal Rencontre Avec L’Inde and has in this capacity brought out special issues such as L’Inde foyer des Nouvelles(1996) and L’Inde au feminine plurial (1997).
Contributors : Indra Nath Choudhuri, R.K. Agnihotri, Lakshmi Kannan, Hansraj Dua, Imtiaz Hasnain, Lachman M. Khubchandani, D.P. Pattanayak, Monique C. Cormier, Paul St. Pierre, B. Mallikarjun, Gabriel Moyal, Kapil Kapoor, Barbara Godard, R.S.Gupta, Sherry Simon, K. Chellappan, Jatindra K. Nayak, H.S. Mohapatra, Sukrita Paul Kumar, N. Kamala, Malashri Lal and Harish Trivedi
ISBN 81-85753-18-0            2007           264 pp           Rs.500 (hb)
Serves as a stimulating and informative springboard for further discussions and research into translational practices and policies.
TTR, Canada