Violence against Women: Women against Violence
Edited by Shirin Kudchedkar and Sabiha Al-Issa

The essays in this volume examine the horrendous and shocking nature of violence against women, manifested especially in rape, prostitution, domestic violence, child abuse, foeticide, femicide, and violence against entire castes and communities. In equal measure, do they discuss and evaluate the approaches and strategies women’s organizations adopt to resist, contain, and hopefully exterminate this highly reprehensible species of violence.

Written by women activists, feminists, researchers and other dedicated functionaries from the disciplines of social sciences, humanities and the law, the essays discern and situate this violence in the system of patriarchy. Support structures of the State machinery are perceptively critiqued; first-hand experiences of a good number of contributors are authentically registered; and no attempt is made to gloss over the disappointments and set-backs. The book holds out the belief that enormous, concerted and persistent efforts, intelligently and experientially made, will alone stamp out this stigma.

Shirin Kudchedkar was Head of the Department of English at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai for 14 years and Foreign Expert at Nanging University of China for one year. Until recently Director of the Canadian Studies Programme at SNDT women’s University, she has taught a course on Indian Women and their Writing at York University, Toronto. She has written extensively on feminist literary criticism and women writers, and introduced new courses in this area. Her publications include Postmodernism and Feminism: Canadian Contexts and Canadian Voices: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry.

Sabiha Al-Issa is lecturer in English at a college affiliated to SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. She is currently engaged in research on the writings of aboriginal women in Canada.

Contributors :Suma Chitnis, Meera Kosambi, Kalindi Muzumdar, Julie Lee, Shaila Lohia, Bakula Ghaswala, Hacqueline Burkell, Deborah Sinclair, Dinaz Contractor, Jaya Sagade, Melanie Randall, Lori Haskell, Jean D Cunha, Vijaya Lavate, Varsha Bhagat, Maria Crawford, Nirmala Sathe, Sheba George, Laurie Anderson, Chandra Budhu, Pramila Aggarwal, Michelle Chai, Prabha Rau, Gordon Longmuir, Celia Denov, Susan McGrae, Vander Voet, Flavia Agnes, Jaya Sagade, Nahida Shaikha, Trupti Panchal, Vibhuti Patel, Lee Lakeman, Charlotte Holm, Jannie Mills Betty Kennedy, Maria Harley Power, Devika Stefansson, Sonia Goswami, Astrida Neimanis, Sudha Karkhanis, Rinki Bhattacharya, Sharada Sathe and Madhu Chaudhary.
ISBN 81-85753-19-9           1998           272 pp           Rs. 400 (hb)
. . reminds us that the struggle to build a lighthouse in the rough sea of gender injustice is still very much on.
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