Translation and Culture: Indian Perspectives
Edited by  GJV Prasad

This study is premised on the translation scenario in multilingual India, a land where translation is an everyday activity, one which comes together as a nation through the act of translation. It addresses many of the major issues involved in the theory and practice of translation studies, including those of translating culture/superior texts/hybrid texts, of multilingual/monolingual nations, of identity affirmation/appropriation, and of the history and politics of translation. What stands out in its pages is the discussion on the different motivations for translation, the author as translator, and the translational challenges of the sociolinguistic contours of I WE. The book on the whole attempts to stimulate the readers to react to the questions raised in these essays, to seek for answers, and to add to the translation discourse.

GJV Prasad is Professor of English and Chairperson of the Centre for English Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His major research interests are Indian English Literature, Dalit Writings, Contemporary Theatre, Translation Theory, and Australian Literature. Prasad is also a well-known Indian English poet and novelist – his novel A Clean Breast was short listed for the Commonwealth Prize for best first book from the Eurasia region in 1994, and his collection of poems, In Delhi without a Visa (1996) is considered a path-breaking volume. He is a recipient of the Katha award for translation from Tamil. He has co-edited with Sara Rai a collection of stories from Indian languages, Imaging the Other. His academic publications include the following books: Continuities in Indian English Poetry: nation language form and two edited volumes of critical essays, Vikram Seth: An Anthology of Recent Criticism, and The Lost Temper: Essays on ‘Look Back in Anger’. He has edited the Penguin (now Longman) Study Edition of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and also of John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger. He is the current editor of JSL, the Journal of the School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies, JNU, and Secretary of the Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies.

Contributors : Akshya Saxena, Anisur Rehman, Chitra Harshvardhan, Christopher Rollason, Harish Trivedi, Keya Majumdar, Kiran Chaudhry, Malashri Lal, Mohd. Asaduddin, N. Kamala, Paul St-Pierre, Rajalakshmi N.K., Rita Kothari, Sachidananda Mohanty, Shantha Ramakrishna, Sujit Mukherjee.
ISBN 978-81-909416-0-0           2010           224pp           Rs.550 (hb)