Forster's A PASSAGE TO INDIA:An Anthology of Recent Criticism
Edited by G.K. Das & Christel R. Devadawson

How well has A Passage to India worn? This critical anthology responds by putting together postcolonial, feminist, liberal and several other voices of today which talk to each other and talk across each other to the text. The volume interrogates afresh the major characters of the text, polarities between Hinduism and Islam, myths and possibilities of cross-cultural friendships, muddle and mystery of the rape, cultural paradigms ofthe colony and the empire, and other key issues. Eighty years down the road, it attempts a searching study of this canonical text.

G.K. Das, who retired as Professor of English, University of Delhi, after having served as Vice Chancellor, Utkal University and Director, University of Delhi, South Campus, revisits the territory of Forster studies to edit this anthology. His work on English Romanticism and D.H. Lawrence notwithstanding, Forster has remained a constant ever since his doctoral research at Cambridge was published as E.M. Forster's India.

Christel R. Devadawson
, Reader, Department of English, University of Delhi, is currently editing A Passage to India for Penguin India. Her doctoral study at Cambridge on Kipling and Forster is under publication. She steps aside from her developing interests and publications in South Asian writing and English Romanticism to co-edit this volume

The Contributors : Parminder Bakshi, G.K. Das,Christel R. Devadawson,Sara Mills,Eiko Ohira, Nigel Rapport, Alison Sainsbury, Brenda R. Silver, et al
ISBN 81-85753-66-0           2005           232 pp           Rs.450 (hb)