Literature of the Indian Diaspora
Edited by O.P.Dwivedi

This volume revaluates the postcolonial narratives of Indian diaspora crafted by diasporic Indian writers. What mainly comes under its scanner is the complex experience of migrancy, involving both cultural hybridization and assimilation on the one hand and lingering nostalgia and cultural alienation on the other. Its critique of the recent and not so recent diasporic texts, at once searching and perceptive, foregrounds the deterritorialized, expatriate sensibility of their authors. Noticeably, the study argues that this sensibility blends seamlessly with various prominent features of this variety of diasporic writing. For instance of individuation and self-definition in Rushdie, of conquest of rootlessness in Jhumpa Lahiri, of cultural in betweennessin B. Rajan, and of the special charms of diasporic sensibility itself in Naipaul.

O.P. Dwivedi is an Assistant Professor of English at MITS, Lakshmangarh (a deemed university). He has published two books, titled The Fiction of Amitav Ghosh: An Assessment (2010) and A Spectrum of Indian English Literature (2010); and his research papers have appeared in international journals including Transnational Literature (Australia), Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies (U.S.A.) and DOST (Italy). Dr.Dwivedi is currently working on a project The Other India: Narratives of Terror, Communalism and Violence.


Tabish Khair, Om Prakash Dwivedi, Anna Clarke, Nancy E. Batty, Silvia Albertazzi, Gillian Dooley, Geetanjali Singh Chanda, Esterino Adami, Martin Kich, Atticus Narain, Jorge Diego Sanchez and Lopamudra Basu.
ISBN 978-81-909416-1-7            2011           200 pp           Rs. 550 (hb)