D.H. Lawrence: An Anthology of Recent Criticism
Edited by Aruna Sitesh
Largely focused on the concerns and the craft in the novels of D.H. Lawrence, this anthology also interrogates his contribution as a poet, as a dramatist, and as a critic. The features it reconstructs with the application of recent critical theories, especially structuralism, semiotics, feminism and deconstruction, include the problematization of the author’s roots, his treatment of women, his theory of novels, his politics, as also his characteristic stress on the polarities between man and man, and between man and the system. Drawn from recently published and widely acclaimed book-length studies and academic journals, the essays in this volume made for a comprehensive, coherent and insightful probe into the works of this major twentieth century writer.

Aruna Sitesh, Principal at I.P.College in the University of Delhi, holds a Ph.D. degree on the works of D.H. Lawrence. She was a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Chicago in the year 1991-92, and Rockefeller Foundation Resident at Bellagio Study and Conference Centre Milano in 1993. Author of numerous research articles, short stories and novellas, she was the recipient of the University Grants Commission of India’s major research grant on Gender Concerns in Indian Fiction (1993-97). Dr Sitesh’s book-length studies include D.H. Lawrence: The crusader as Critic (1975), Beyond Gender and Geography: American Women Writers: Modern Short Stories (1993) and Her Testimony: Conversations with American Women Writers of the 90s (1993).

Peter Balbert, Elizabeth Anne Campbell, Carol Dix, Dennis Jackson, Graham Martin, Peter New, Joan D. Peters, Faith Pullin, Keith Sagar, Gamini Salgado, H.S. Saxena, Aruna Sitesh, Carol Sklenicka, George Watson.


ISBN 81-85753-65-2           2005           224 pp           Rs.450 (hb)