Theory as Variation
Edited by R. Radhakrishnan
Kishori Nayak K.
R. Shashidhar
Ravishankar Rao
Parinitha and D.R. Shashidhara

Theory as Variation is a collection that attempts to showcase the protean performance of theory as it moves from the world into the text and back out into the world again. Theory by its very nature resists totalization and normativization, and the essays assembled here demonstrate the ability of theory to perform contingently in a variety of contexts in response to a broad range of textual problems and worldly challenges. The distinguished contributors to this volume are drawn from all over the world, and each essay achieves “theory” in its own singular way. From poststructuralism to postcoloniality, from “metropolitan” to “indigenous” theory, from different practices of Marxist cultural theory and critical race theory to broader forms of ontological thinking, from contexts national to conjunctures international, from the “world as text” to “the textuality of the world,” this volume endeavors to show that theory is and always will be a specific form of praxis.

R. Radhakrishnan is Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Chair of the department of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine. Author of Diasporic Mediations: Between Home and Lacation (University of Minnesota Press, 1996), Theory In An Uneven World (Blackwell 2003), and History, the Human, And the World Between (forthcoming, Duke University Press, 2007), he is currently completing his next book, When Is The Political?

Kishori Nayak K teaches English at Mangalore University, India, and is Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies there.

R. Shashidhar teaches English at Mangalore University, India. He worked on Raymond Williams for his doctoral dissertation.

Ravishankar Rao is Reader in English, Mangalore University. His areas of interest include partition Narratives, Literature and Film and Postocolonial theory.

Parinitha is Reader in English, Mangalore University. Her area of interest is Gender Studies. She has published research articles in journals such as Journal of Contemporary Thought and Haritham.

D. R. Shashidhara is Reader in English, Mangalore University. He has translated Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice into Kannada, and Medieval Kannada Prose and Poetry into English for the central Sahitya Akedemi, New Delhi.

Contributors : Martin Jay, Kalpana Rahita-Seshadri, Abdul R. JanMohamed, R. Shashidhar, Jennifer Madden, C.N.Ramachandran, Catherin Gallagher, Julian Vigo, Sabita Manian, Mina Karavanta, Lindon Barrett and Dilip Kumar Das.
ISBN 81-85753-80-6           2007           335 pp           Rs.630 (hb)