Rohinton Mistry: An Anthology of Recent Criticism
Edited by Anjali Gera Roy and Meena T Pillai
The essays in this anthology examine the textual strategies employed in the fiction of Rohinton Mistry, a major Indian-Canadian writer. These include the blending of a ‘solid crust’ of realism with an ‘incandescent core’ of fantasy, the dialectical play of rootedness and uprootedness in today’s postcolonial/neocolonial ambience, the challenges to a self-contained though remarkably resilient Parsi community, the fluidity of subject positions in an attempt to cope with the impact of globalization, and others. Divided into five sections, the first section of this volume makes for a broader-based interrogation of Mistry’s oeuvre while the subsequent sections are devoted to his individual works.


Anjali Gera Roy is Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. She has published several essays on post-colonial literature and theory in scholarly journals and co-edited a special issue of The Literary Criterion on “New Directions in African Writing” and of Translation Today on “Post-colonial Translation”. Her books include Three Great African Novelists (Delhi: 2001) and Wole Soyinka: An Anthology of Recent Criticism (Delhi: 2006).

Meena T Pillai teaches in the Department of English at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Regional Centre, Trivandrum. She was a Fulbright Fellow at the Ohio State University, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Fellow to the Concordia University, Montreal and Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Sussex, UK. Her publications include Modern American Fiction: The Novel of Terror (2005) and Reconstructing Parameters: Women in Canada and India (1998). Her areas of interest include Gender Studies, Films, and Media Studies.

Contributors : Chelva Kanaganayakam, Nilufer E Bharucha, Paromita Chakravarti, Swati Ganguly, Supriya M, Jose Verghese, Deepika Bahri, Jameela Begum A, Mala Pandurang, P Radhika, Kaela Jubas, K C Belliappa, Deborah Weagel, Sukeshi Kamra, Vijay Sheshadri, Peter Morey.
ISBN 81-85753-81-4           2007           256 pp           US $ 18 Rs.600 (hb)