Indian Narrative traditions
Text, Performance and Interpretation

Essays in Honour of
Professor Kailash C. Baral

Edited by Arzuman Ara . Surajit Sen


This is a valuable and carefully curated volume of critical essays focusing on the history, diversity and richness of the many and varied literatures of India. The several narrative modes that have been seen in the country, which still exist in different forms, as well as transcreations and retellings, have been examined and discussed. The value of this work also lies in its showcasing the rich diversity in this particular cultural field, and examining the continuing relevance of this amazing variety. The contributors are all acknowledged experts in their field, with a thorough knowledge of the particulars of their subject and the wider context in which it is placed.

Fittingly, this volume has been dedicated to Professor Kailash C Baral, a towering personality in the field of literary studies in India. He has always been an academician who recognizes the diversity of our traditions, and the strength that very diversity endows on both its numerous practitioners, and on society and the nation as a whole. His deep understanding of cultural practices and their continuing relevance in today's world, combined with his impressive scholarship on the one hand and his empathy on the other, make this a very valuable addition to the oeuvre of critical studies.

Mitra Phukan (Mitra Phukan is the recipient of UNICEF-CBT Award for writing children's fiction. Katha Award for Translaion and The Telegraph-Vineet Gupta Memorial Award for short fiction)

Arzuman Ara teaches English and Humanities in EFL University, Shillong campus. She translates creative writings from Assamese, Bangla and Hindi into English. She also writes poetry. Her research interests are in the fields of Literary and Culture Studies, Gender Studies, ELE and Pedagogic Philosophy. She has extensively worked on Partition Narratives, and 1971 War Narratives. She has translated Imtiaz Mahmud's Maxims and Kalo Koutuk into English. Her upcoming publications include edited volumes titled River Cultures of India and Visual Cultures of India, and an authored volume titled Critical Pedagogy and English Studies in India. She has co-edited Narrative Cultures of North East India - Traditions, Texts and Representations.

Surajit Sen is working as the Deputy Registrar (Examinations) at the ICFAI University, Meghalaya where he also teaches English and Communication Skills. His research interest is in Indian Writings, Postcolonialism, and Cultures of Northeast India, English Language Education, Communication Studies and Sociolinguistics. He has been a script writer and speaker for AIR Shillong for its Youth Programs. He has co-edited Narrative Cultures of North East India Traditions, Texts and Representations. He loves to read books and writes poetry in English.

Madhuri H. Deshmukh, Chand Basha M., Arzuman Ara, Mohamed Shafeeq Karinkurayil, Silpi Maitra, Gaurav Kumar, Auswyn Winter Japang, Ritesh Basu, D. Venkat Rao, Tanwishree Patra, Arpana Nath, Surajit Sen
ISBN 978-93-82178-31-6           2021           200 pp           Rs. 700 (hb)